21 October 2020

Well That Changes Everything

The dancing monkeys of porn have come down from their mountain of... SHUDDER... to explain to we mere mortals that we should vote for Biden because Amy Barrett will be the death knell to the porn industry.


Let me change my vote!  The stars of porn have spoken!

I hate to break it to them, but Judge Barrett will be Justice Barrett regardless of whom wins the election in November.

Besides, if Bruce Springsteen threatening to ruin Australia like he's ruined rock music didn't scare me, what makes you think that your opinion of the situation will sway me.

Also, I don't think their supposition on LGBT rights and porn is correct.  Oh, the article under the headline had a lot more to say about gay rights than the first amendment or porn.

Unless they're talking about the movement to normalize pederasty.  I think that would be stopped by her vote in the court.

I love how they don't appear to actually follow the court or read decisions and dissents.

The conservative wing is not frothing at the bit to eliminate any of the things they're worried about.

1 comment:

  1. Dancing monkeys, dancing around an enormous straw man, which they eventually set on fire.

    Sounds like a certain annual festival normally held in the desert around Labor Day....

    Perhaps these porn performers should consider that the repercussions of the coming* digital audiovisual bridging of the "uncanny valley" (sometimes referred to as "deep fakes" when they depict actual people committing purported conversations or acts) will likely render* their toils irrelevant.

    ACB becoming an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court will have no effect on this (probably) inevitable trend.

    *Pun intended, naturally.


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