29 December 2020

A Bit Out Of Reach

Being, presently, obsessed with getting a S&W Model 59; I bumped into something I didn't know existed.

They made them in .30 Luger!

There's one on Gunbroker now for the price of an actual Luger; $2,999.99 start, $3,399.99 buy it now.  (Link will expire, so if you're reading this years from now, that's a dead link.)

Except for some proofs (Italian?) and the 7.65 on the barrel hood, it's indistinguishable from a 9mm gun.


  1. Seriously, the .30 Luger ? No idea that was an option either. Weird !


  2. I have a glock 19 in 30 luger , just a custom barrel. Gets real good penetration.

  3. Nice model 59 I saw in SS at 2nd Amendment Armory
    776 Lumsden Rd W, Brandon, FL · (813) 210-4867
    I think yer in St Pete?
    Dunno if it's still there... wanted it meself but didn't have the scrim.

    1. Stainless wouldn't be a 59. That'd be a 659 or 59x3 or 59x6.

    2. But I might just wander by and see what they have.

  4. The Italian proof marks make sense, Italy prohibits civilian ownership of "military" calibers so 9mm Luger was unavailable and the 9x21 workaround didn't exist yet, making 7.65 Luger an easy alternative.


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