31 December 2020

The History Of Time Travel

Amazon Prime recommended it to me.

I was pleasantly surprised!

This is just under Safety Not Guaranteed for me and indie time-travel movies and just above Primer.

I am not sure if Predestination is an indie or not.  It's my all time favorite time travel film.

Steins: Gate is up there too, but it's also up there with Primer for hard to follow.


  1. How many times did you watch _The History of Time Travel_? I watched it three times, twice by myself and once with my wife. I picked up new things each time through.

    It was amazing to see the intentional continuity errors. The first three through I saw them as mistakes, by the end of the movie I had realised what they were doing.

    1. Just once so far, but I restarted it when they introduced the brother.


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