07 December 2020


Among the funniest things I've read about recently is someone complaining about getting their asses handed to them on one of the DCS servers trying to fly an attack mission.

They and their "squadron" were flying along and essentially ignoring all the indications of Red-Team F-14s.  After all, they were flying low and could notch the radar of the enemy Tomcats, no problem.

Then one of them got a very short indication of a Phoenix and exploded.

Then another.

And another.

And another.

Until they were all dead.

WTF happened? They wondered.

One of them hit one of the DCS forums and started asking around about the username who'd nailed them.

Turns out it's four people who nailed them.

They're old buddies from the Navy.  Two F-14 crews who've found that the simulation is sufficiently realistic that all their old tricks still work.  Including hand tuning the non-Doppler modes to pick out low flying planes who're trying to notch the filter and firing in a profile that gave the minimum active time for the missiles.

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