14 December 2020

A Pleasant Drive

Took the top off The Precious and headed to Sarasota to see if Siesta Key Distillery had one of their bottles converted to candles The Lovely Harvey likes.

Nope.  They didn't have the blackberry sage scent, just pumpkin spice.

Had "breakfast" at Freddies Frozen Custard and Steakburgers.

Hit the Sarasota Classic Car Museum.

Hooked up with friends and had a couple flights of beer at Big Top Brewing.

All the while just enjoying my hot-rod.

At about the mid-point home I realized something.

The C6 Corvette is not a sports car.  It is a Grand Tourer.

The last Corvette that could rationally be thought of as a sports car is the stripped down C5 fixed-roof-coupe.  Stripped down from the GT normality of the C5.

The C4 also fits the criteria for Grand Tourer, so GM has quietly been succeeding at this for a while.

I think the C1 and C2 fit into the sports car category.  The C3 doesn't fit either, not well.

Grand touring fits American roads to a tee, and it was good to get out for a short road trip.


  1. Oh bother! You living large and we here in Socialist Paradise (TM), AKA Gretchen's Wonderland. No bars, no restaurants, no gyms and don't you dare enter ANY location without a face diaper. It is wearing very thin after so many months of this crap. Recall is under way but too damned slow a process. Sadly other means more Jacobin are frowned upon, not sure why.

  2. Since the typical Corvette buyer is more likely to attend a cruise night than a track day Chevy is serving the market. I have seen articles showing Corvettes are cheaper to insure than Camaros, and convertibles are often less expensive than coupes because they are less likely to be engaged in Cars & Coffee style tomfoolery.


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