15 December 2020

Yes But What Does It All Mean

In the three posts below this one, we're comparing the effect of the M&P 45C and M&P 9 in GURPS on a common self defense scenario.

Our Stabber gets entirely too close and lives through too many shots.

Regardless of the caliber.

The number of shots fired is very similar.

Having more ammo is nice, but not needed for this scenario.

I also expect things to run very differently with live rolls to hit and for damage.


  1. What about Mr Backup Boot to the Face/Chin/Sternum?

    Knee to groin, elbow to face, headbutt and bite the Bastard's nose off?

    Y'know...the wildcards. Why we insist on solid buttstocks and good bayonets.

    And a good fighting knife or two just where the hand needs it.

    Civilisation is over. Keep a rock handy....and the mindset to use it.

    1. You want a whole series of posts on grappling and close combat in GURPS? Because this is how you get a whole series of posts on grappling and close combat in GURPS!

      And I will be bitter and angry for being forced to actually read the rules that have not come up even once during actual play in over 30 years of playing all four (five if you count 3eR as a separate ed) editions of GURPS.


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