22 December 2020

Cheap Rich People

Time and again, when I attempt to visit one of my friends who lives behind the dubious security of a gated community I am confronted by the morons the community association hires to run the gate.

We are not talking Alan Pinkerton here.  We're not even talking The Pinkertons.

They're not motivated to do anything.

So you wait for five minutes after pulling up to the visitor's box and hitting the call button.

Then another five to ten while they call the wrong number for the place you're trying to get to.

This assumes that the person in question even has their cell phone on.

It also assumes that the unmotivated drone on the other end of the line bothers to get back to you while you're sitting there idling...

At 15 minutes I generally give up.

At five attempts to get in, I stop trying.

It really pisses me off too.

This is keeping me from delivering a battery to Mr Willard to get his phone back in service.

One thing I noticed, though, is there is no barrier to entry for a pedestrian, bicycle or motorcycle.

I have a bicycle!

I can park at a nearby business and pedal my ass in the rest of the way.


  1. Good ole security theatre. No one will ever do anything nefarious while under their own power.

  2. Down (way) south of the border there is a saying - "Hecha la ley, hecha la trampa" which translates "they make the law, we make the go-round". This is what I have found over many years to be the solution to most life problems, always seek the "go round". In your case it is literal ;-)


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