21 December 2020

Well I'm Up

Nightmares all night.

The only one I can remember is, at least, a new one.

Home defense scenario.

Details are vague and fading fast now that coffee is working its magic.


I've successfully subdued one intruder when the other, who was prone on their belly, produces a gun, rolls over, springs to their feet and we shoot it out.

I don't get hurt, they get dead, but I'm slide-locked and the first one has disappeared.

And I cannot get a single one of the other guns in the house deployed.  Either they're not where I think they should be, or they're stuck in their spaces.

Then I woke up.

Freud would probably say I'm suppressing an urge to have sex with a salamander or something.


  1. Regarding your last sentence:

    Amphibian or elemental?

    1. The latter is so much more of a hottie, don't you think?

    2. Here's some evidence in support of that.


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