23 December 2020

Speaking Of OK

Florida is still running about 8.75% of tests for Wu Ping Cough are showing positive.

Some a little lower, some a little higher, it's a mean.

When we have a spike in positive tests, there's a corresponding spike in testing.

It's hard to gauge the epidemic on this basis, especially since it doesn't appear that the problem of testing iterations has never been addressed.  Testing positive might mean nothing at all.

But if someone is artificially inflating the numbers through increased testing with overly sensitive methodology; it's creating great news.

The death rate is not keeping up with the infection rate.

Crude CFR is down to 1.70.  What that means is 98.3% of the people tested positive have lived through it.

And I am still not convinced that the people listed as COVID fatalities died FROM it rather than WITH it.

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  1. From what I've read, few may actually have died directly from it. Most have died from the secondaries, mainly interstitial pneumonia. Which means giving people quick access to good health care and attacking the secondary issues directly and promptly is the way to go.

    Which, due to Der Lockdown and the corresponding stupidity over OrangeManBad promoting one of the simplest and cheap treatment methods, means that currently we are doing the complete opposite of what we should be doing in a real pandemic. Which is prompt medical attention before it gets too bad, and treat the secondaries as the primary killers (which, well, they are.)

    Yes, some will die from Wu Ping Cough directly. Some will be so overwhelmed by primary and secondary effects that they won't recover no matter what is done to them. So? Every year, the Common Cold reaps its share worth of bodies. Same with Seasonal Flu. And 'Whatever-the-kids-bring-home-from-school-because-they're-little-plague-magnets' collectively reaps.

    Who is reaped during all of these reaping episodes? Those at risk of not being able to handle the secondary infections and attacks. Yaknow, the elderly, the very young, those with compromised immune systems, those living on the edge - drug abusers, homeless, those too crazy to care for themselves.

    And... That. That right there. That tells us of the more than 2 brain-cells that the Covidiocracy is just a made up scare. Because the powers-that-be had to work hard to croak off the elderly (basically stacking the decks against anyone in a nursing home) and didn't kill off large numbers of immune-compromised people (like AIDS patients, transplant patients, weird genetic disorders, etc) and didn't thrash the living dog-snot out of the recreational pharmaceutical users and the urban outdoorsmen.

    Nope. It only really reaped those who were stuck inside in specific cases under specific circumstances. For the most part.

    Great job of committing death by mass hysteria fueled by political bull-scat, America. And still, if the powers-that-be would just back the heck up, our economy and nation still has a chance of roaring back like gang-busters.

    Like a drowning man, if we as a nation can just get some air, we could survive, then recover, then go on. But our 'betters' are standing on our shoulders, holding us underwater.

    Florida did it right, for the most part. Even better would be, as soon as the truth started coming out, would have been for Florida to tell everyone wanting shut-down and stay-in-place and mask-rova to FOAD.

    But the powers-that-be have the sheeple so scared that the sheeple are wearing their masks in their cars, on their bikes, when walking their dogs at 2am on deserted streets, meanwhile old people are dying of loneliness and despair.

    And I'm rambling and ranting...


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