27 December 2020

That Changes The Math A Lot

The CDC says that only 6% of the people who died with a diagnosis of Wu Ping Cough actually died from Wu Ping Cough.

That's got a massive effect on the crude CFR here in FL, if true.

That changes today's value from 1.67% to 0.100%.

That makes it the flu.

It also aligns things to how deaths of people with the flu have been reported for years and years.

Someone with stage 4 lung cancer catches the flu and dies, we don't count that as a flu death.

Someone with stage 4 lung cancer catches COVID and dies, we don't count that as a cancer death.

I'm wondering if the new spring fashions will be pine-tar and feathers for our political class.

Somewhat related:  FL Dept of Health did not tabulate numbers on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.  The day after we got really high percentages of tests being positive (going from 8.6ish to 22ish percent), but the totals were inline with what the daily totals had been for weeks.  Interesting anomaly.

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