28 December 2020

M7/M9 Tanker Holster Is Universal Holster?

It was designed for the M1911A1.

 I knew from my trip to the Czech-German border that a Glock 17 would fit.

I'd seen them used with Beretta M9's.

Apparently, just about any normal sized automatic will fit!

S&W M&P 9

A fucking Luger!?!?!


Checked, but not pictured:

Astra 400 - Fits.

Beretta M1951 - Fits.

FN/Browning Hi-Power - Fits.

S&W Model 39-2 - Fits like it was made for it.

S&W Model 915 - Fits.

S&W Model 910 - Fits. 

S&W M&P 45C - Fits.

S&W Sigma SW40F - Barely fits, trigger guard binds.

Glock 21 - Almost fits, can't get the tie-down strap latched.

Thanks to everyone who loaned me a gun for this test!


Additional loaners have been checked.

CZ-75 P01 - Fits, but strap is very taught.

High Standard Sport King - Fits.

Stoeger Cougar 8040F - Fits.

Further UPDATE! 12Oct22 

Astra 600/43

S&W 59


  1. Along a similar line I ordered this US M3 Victory Revolver Shoulder Holster Brown Leather With Shell Loops. It works great with my GP100 and my S&W K frame revolvers.


  2. How about Ruger .22 Autos ? I'm guessing they would work too, they sort of Lugerish.

    Thanks for the list, this and/or Bianchi Tanker is on the list.


    1. My Ruger Standard slips right in, but the barrel sticks out the bottom. Same for my Colt Challenger.

    2. Thank you sir for that quick reply.


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