17 December 2020

Fine (Accurate)


Installed an Apex Tactical Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit into the M&P 45C today that I paid for myself.

It makes the trigger quite a bit lighter and crisper than the factory model, plus changes the geometry to more resemble a 1911 than a...  I don't know what the factory trigger resembles.

Something that always gets to me with the M&P trigger is the snap and overtravel.  It makes me twitch to the left quite often.

Trigger pull went from 7 lb. 2 oz. to 4 lb. 10 oz. with the silver "duty/carry" trigger return spring; that's in the same territory as my beloved Super 38!  With the green "extra strong" spring it goes to 5 lb. even.  I think I prefer the stronger spring.

Installation is... involved.  You've got to take the frame completely apart and you need to slide off the rear sight to gain access to the striker block.  It's not complicated at all, but there's some fiddly to deal with and several chances for a 'sproing' to bite you.

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