12 December 2020

Perfection Is The Mortal Enemy Of Good Enough

 $1,200 reloading turret press.

Of course, their ad copy disparages the "uncontrollable 3rd party tolerances" because it's designed to use standard dies and shellholders.

Theirs are coming soon...

But I ask... does this extra precision matter?

The reason I ask is I know some serious shooters using a Lee single stage to do their work and getting prize winning results.

Never mind how long this thing will take to pay for itself, because I know damn few people who reload who're doing it to increase performance; they're doing it to save money.


  1. Oh noes! I guess I have to throw out my old Lee Turret Press which I've used for years because this is just oh so much more precise! Also I guess I have to also replace dies for 40+ cartridges because they just aren't good enough. Since this thing costs 10x as much it must be 10x better and make ammo that is 10x more accurate, right?

  2. I have had Dad's RCBS RockChucker for over 20 years. It is now relegated to sizing/large primer and case prep. For the past 15 I have been rocking a Dillon 550B. I press out match grade ammo with both. It makes a difference when you tune a load to a particular gun.


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