20 December 2020

What Is Your Plan When The Victim Realizes It?

It's been noted before that the main purpose of the police is to protect suspected criminals from the citizenry so that the innocent can be sorted from the guilty in a fair and even-handed manner.

The citizenry has been noticing that this has been breaking down as more and more laws are passed (or repealed) which serve only to protect criminals from the citizenry and to prevent the criminals from being punished.

They're watching criminal advocates disguised as elected officials working to defund the police.

The criminals are certainly happy with the idea that the cops aren't coming.

Where they're not going to be happy is when the citizenry realizes; The cops aren't coming.

If there's no cops to investigate the dead burglar, there's no reason to not shoot them dead.

There's no reason to worry about shooting them in the back as they run with your property.

There's no reason to not follow their getaway car to their house and kill the rest of them too.

Vendetta will return.

We don't want that, but it's clear someone thinks they can enable criminals without it returning.

PS: Once vendetta starts to return, what few King's Men remain who try to keep vendetta from supplanting them, will be counted as foe and treated the same as the criminals they're protecting.

Such drastic realignments have happened more than once in America, in living memory.

The good news is once there's a few corpses and crime is dealt with, and the criminal's protectors displaced or dead, Americans have traditionally closed shop on vendetta and put the law back in place.

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