10 December 2020

I Have The *BEST* Timing

When I acquiesced to the idea that modern 9mm hollow-points, bullet per bullet, were as good as .45 and that because the nine could carry more rounds for the same size and weight...

I stopped stocking .45 ACP.

Now I'm all in love with this M&P 45C, and had to scrape the bottom of the ammo cans to find two boxes of Federal SXT 230gr to load it up for carry.

I've got gobs of 9x19 and hardly any .45 because .45 was for occasional range trips to have fun with the M1911A1.  I'm so out of love with the Glock 21, shooting it is never a consideration.  I keep it mostly because it's the gun I've owned longest of all my guns and managed to hang onto it through several bouts of "sold everything else."

Now I'm short on .45 when an ammo panic is going on that looks to be a deep and sustained panic which will take years to clear.

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