11 December 2020

Taking Bets

 How long until the Hunter Biden scandal becomes the "Make way for President Harris!" Joe Biden impeachment proceeding?

I had figured they'd use his failing health as their excuse, but his family dealings (now that the media has taken notice) are even better because it takes them off the stage.

Is anyone else surprised that SCOTUS won't rock the political boat?

Their mission has become "defend the status quo" at all costs.

A lot of the above assumes that we're not in a hot war over the issue in the next couple of days, because while Texas might not have had standing, the legislators from the named states who'd joined the suit certainly did.

1 comment:

  1. FWIW Personal opinion, the current soap opera over "God amighty, you ever notice, Di-Fi is gaga? Yeah, she aint been right since her chinese "driver" took off. My heavens, whatever shall we do?" is a rehearsal for slow Joe getting pried out of the oval office. The crunch point is going to be Mrs. Joe who's going to have a whole lot invested in being able to say "I'm the only one here who speaks English, and has the nuclear codes!" and may not be willing to go quietly.


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