10 December 2020

Today Is Important

Today is 14 days, or two weeks, since Thanksgiving.

Florida is not under any real kind of lockdown, so if the doomers were correct we'd have seen a gigantic jump in cases as families infected their relatives who came over and attempted suicide by tryptophan poisoning.

11,335 new cases today from 139,689 new tests; 8.11% positive.  Positivity has averaged 8-9% for months, so no huge spike in cases.

Hospitalizations are averaging a half percentage increase per day, but the "maximum" number of active admissions doesn't change much 4.5 thousand or so and holding steady for the past month.

Deaths are not keeping pace with new cases and the crude CFR keeps dropping, 1.79% as of today.

That CFR simply must be inflated compared to the IFR because lots of people don't bother to get tested despite getting sick (I didn't bother at the beginning of November when The Boy and I got a flu-like disease that clung for 2-weeks while The Lovely Harvey mocked us with her perfect health); or because they've caught it and aren't showing symptoms.

If we haven't had the big-turkey-day spike by the 17th, I think we can make a case that Wu Ping Cough is endemic in Florida.


  1. And yet the Philosopher Greek Blogger is still pooping his tales of gloom and doom and calling us all a bunch of brain-dead death monkeys for not bowing to him.

    Over at another blog site, he drops the doom and gloom heavily, but some other professional medico drops the stupidity back unto PGB, and 'crickets'...

    Yeah. Most murderous virus EVAH, that can be defeated by a dew rag... Yup... Sure... Yeah...

    1. He's been behaving himself HERE, which matters to me far more.

  2. I spent Thanksgiving (well, 7 hours of it) with 16 people. No masks, plenty of hugging, laughing, etc.

    Nobody has come down with anything.


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