12 December 2020

Lost In The Void

I ordered a couple of 10-round magazines for my 45C on 01DEC20.

AIM printed a label on 03DEC30, but didn't bother giving it to USPS until 07DEC20.

From there, they got to Cincinnati, with an expected delivery on 11DEC20, and they stopped reporting.

"In transit, on time," until they were late, and now "In transit, arriving late."

No indication that they ever left Cincinnati.

This is pretty routine for shipping around the holidays.

I am bemused at USPS.

I am fucking furious about AIM dicking around for days and not heading to the post office.


  1. I've experienced the same sort of thing, and have a theory as to why it happens. Many med-Lg retailers have "enterprise" software that does a lot of their records, scheduling, documentation without anyone having to touch a keyboard. I've noticed when this kind of delay happens the shipping label gets printed (and I get that "it's on its way" notice) the same day I order it; too soon. The enterprise software takes the order and automatically prints other their internal "Pack this stuff" paperwork and the shipping label for it. The USPS enterprise system "see" the label generation, and sends the (bogus) "it's on its way" notice. ....just my own conjecture for similar experiences.

    1. That, at least, is an explanation.

      I can accept that they have their postage automatically generated, but four days from its generation to actually putting the package on the shipping dock?

      The software is smart enough to have a "don't send the shipped email until the tracking number starts moving."


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