15 December 2020


With a skill of 15 one has to consider that with two yards of space left between me and Stephen the Stabber, I might consider aiming for something more delicate than the generic torso.

Changing to All-Out-Attack (Determined) gives a +1 to the attack, but means I can't dodge...

Vitals are -3 to hit.

15 + 1 - 3 = 13

With the 45C and these damned average rolls of 10...

Double tap will land both hits.

2d-1(0.5) pi++, on average will get 5 points delivered, which triples to 15 per round.  Two shots gets 30 damage done.  All the same rolls that Stephen made before get made again.

Thankfully, he misses as he enters close combat and a step and attack lets us try again at 1 yard.

Same chances to hit.

Same double tap to vitals and we're at 60 total points delivered and Stephen ain't stabbing nobody no more.

The M&P 9...

Same chance to hit.

Gotta double tap instead of triple because we don't wanna accidentally hit some innocent downrange behind Stephen.

2d+2(0.5) pi+ will stick 8 points which triples to 24 per round.  Two shots gets 48 damage done.

Lather rinse repeat.

Two more rounds and 48 more damage and Stephen is still dead.  Technically dead from the third shot, but...

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