15 December 2020

Despite The Disparity

Let's say I'm packing the demonstrably inadequate M&P 45C loaded 8+1 with two spare 10 rounders...

We spot Stephen the Stabber focused intently on us at 7 yards.

He starts moving towards us and the fight begins!

He's an average straight 10 human, so he moves 5 yards the first round.

Lacking Fast-Draw I use this same round to ready my gun.

He closes the remaining two yards, enters close combat and tries to stab me with his small knife.

We're going to assume he put a whole point into his Knife skill and has a 10 skill.  He's countering the -4 of move and attack with a +4 from all-out-attack (determined).  On average, he'll hit.

1d-3 imp to my torso.  On average a mere point which becomes 2 damage.

BUT my dodge and retreat of 11, on average lets me avoid being stabbed and moves me out of close combat.

This puts me at a range of 1 and a skill of 15 to hit a torso sized target.

I double-tap Stephen and my average roll will land both hits.

Average damage rolls on 2d-1(0.5) pi++ gets me... 10 points of damage with each shot or 20 total.

Stephen needs to roll for consciousness (since all rolls are average here, he does) and to see if he dies (again he does).  Plus since it's two major wounds two checks each for knockdown and stun (also makes).

 At the beginning of his turn, he needs to check consciousness before acting, but his average roll will succeed against his average HT...

He gets a -4 from shock from the wounds, again countered with +4 from all-out-attack.  Step and Attack.  Hits.

I, again dodge and retreat.

Two more rounds at range 1.  20 more points of damage.  Many more rolls made, Stephen will attack again!

Step and attack. Hit, dodge and retreat, 20 more points.  Auto death for Stephen.

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

But let's say that I've got a better basic speed and act first!

I'm still readying while he's moving the first five yards, but now I get to fire at a range of 2 instead of escaping from close combat.

-0 for range.  -0 for torso.  20 points of damage.

Now Stephen's move is reduced to 3.  He will close the last two yards and enter close combat.

-4 for move and attack, -4 for shock, +4 for all out attack (determined); he misses.

-2 for bulk on my pistol.  Double tap 13 to hit, roll 10 with rcl 3; both hit; 20 more points.

Last round of shooting is the same.

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