12 December 2020

Cop Killer +P

Based on one set of numbers, the teflon coated AP pistol rounds might be +P pressures.

I have stats for that! (Audience who isn't into GURPS, "SIGH, of course you do...")

+P gives a 10% boost to damage and range.

AP drops damage to 70%.

You do one then the other... so you end up with 77% damage compared to ball with AP +P.

38 Special: 2d pi for ball, 2d+1 pi for +P, 1d+1(2) pi- for AP, 1d+2(2) pi- for AP +P.

38 Special is G$ 0.30 per round.  +P is G$ 0.45.  AP is G$ 0.45.  AP +P is G$0.68.

9mm follows the same progression:  2d+2 pi for ball, 3d-1 pi for +P, 2d-1(2) pi- for AP, 2d(2) pi- for AP +P.

Prices are the same in GURPS dollars as .38 Special.

1 comment:

  1. I like being able to to customize a load for maximum accuracy with the highest potential for expansion. I would rather have some over charged 38+p+ soft lead 168gr than a 357 mag 168gr HST in the 357. The lead will shoot softer and expand more.


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