17 December 2020



M&P 45C vs M&P 9 Shield.

As shown, both are 8+1.

The .45 is 2 lb. with 0.5 lb. magazines.  The 9 is 1.5 lb. with 0.3 lb. magazines.

The 9mm fits easily in a pocket if you use the 7-round magazines.  This is reflected by the Bulk -2 of the 45C and Bulk -1 of the Shield.

Loaded with hollow-points the .45 does 2d-1(0.5) pi++, the 9mm does 2d+1(0.5) pi+.

The 45C's range is 150/1,600; the Shield 140/1,600.

You need a ST of 10 to avoid skill penalties with the 45 and 9 for the 9.

They're equally hard to keep on target with Rcl of 3 for both.  One kicks harder, the other has small grips.  GURPS recoil is a "controllablity" for follow-up shots rather than a measure of actual recoil.

This is compensated by getting an Acc of 2 instead of 1. 

Because Acc doesn't come up much in a dynamic fight and since 9mm will average about the same damage to a torso target (1-20, avg 10 for .45 ACP and 3-18 avg 10) and the 9mm is lighter...

The discerning GURPS conceal carrier will pack the smaller and lighter M&P 9 Shield in favor of the bigger and heavier 45C.

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