28 December 2020

How Would They Ever Stay In Business Without You

One of the stupid friends has a problem.

She just cannot help herself from being the white knight whenever I have a complaint about the service at any place she's had no problems.

She has to explain to me how it really is and always manages to make it seem like it's my fault that it went wrong for me and right for her.

And she can't figure out why I keep getting mad at her.

The most recent is a place I've never actually been!

Based on the name of the place I chided her hubby about his dinner choice.

It's not an Irish place, it turns out, so his blackened shrimp and grits wasn't near so incongruous.

I asked how it was and they indicated good.

So I checked their web page.  What there is of it.  It's a "web page coming soon" landing page.

But they have a Facebook page.

So I looked for a menu link.

They have uploaded images of the menu.

You can make out the names of the dishes, but not the descriptions.  Opening the image in a new tab gets it almost legible.

It's Facebook's processing of the image, not the restaurant's fault.

When I mention the illegible text and scanty web page; our hero springs into action!

It works fine for her, on all her machines and phone, with four different browsers; opens right up into a fully legible, full-page image.

I congratulated her on having better hardware and software than I do.

She asked why I'm taking it so personally.

There is no gorram excuse in the verse to have a shitty web page in the 21st Century.  None.

If you're relying on Facebook to carry the load of a web page, you're either a moron or so cheap I don't think I'd trust your decisions about food purchases.

1 comment:

  1. Since I don't Facebook, having a FB link is useless.

    And, yes, even a cheap website thrown together with whatever Microsoft product allows you to do is better than other social media.

    There are templates and update features available for the novice web creator to make a decent but kludgy website.

    Ah, well, don't cater to me? Then I won't cater to you.


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