18 December 2020

Where Did I Lose The Thread?

There was once a time when I would never have described myself as a "Smith and Wesson person".

I liked Colts.  I liked Glocks.

I didn't dislike S&W, it's just that they didn't make anything that really spoke to me.


The M&P 9 Shield is only the second S&W I've ever bought new.  The pink gripped 640-3 was the first.  It was also the first S&W I put an Apex kit into.

The ElectrolySmith is my second M&P, the M&P 9 was the first.  Some might say that the '46 made .38 is my only M&P owing to a lack of M in the current semi-auto's sales.

I don't know why it took me so long to warm up to S&W, I am sure that their pandering to Slick Willie had something to do with it.  At least nobody had to actually die before S&W repudiated that deal.


  1. Hey Angus;

    Was my attitude, their offerings especially their semi auto's were "bleh*. To me they were not ergonomic especially the safety. My first *Smif* I bought was my sigma, and it wasn't glamorous, but it functioned well. Their revolvers were better, and of course their sucking up to slick willie didn't endear them to the gun community. I am glad that they did a turnaround. I also own a shield.

  2. I remember you actually being pretty critical of the S&W semis back around 1989-1991. In those days you were pretty much a Glockophile. You weren't a big fan of that Taurus I had back then either.

    But things change. I have a lot of guns nowdays that I never thought I'd like back then.

    You heard anything from S&W on that Sigma yet?

    1. The metal S&W semis just don't feel right to me.

      That Taurus reminded me too much of my issue M9, and I had issues from that which have lessened over time.

      I still rather like Glock, but don't care for the finger grooves on Gen 3 and 4.

      No word from S&W yet, but I don't really expect anything before the end of the year.


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