21 December 2020

File Under Durr

A while back I noted that the S&W 915 preceded the 910 to the market.

They're both 3rd generation S&W autos derived from the model 59/459/5900.

It just hit me that the names are related to capacity.

The 915 originally shipped with a 15 round magazine and the 910 with a 10 rounder.

It was staring me in the face the whole time.

It makes me wonder if the 909 originally came with a 9-rounder, S&W lists a 9-round that fits all the 39 series guns.


  1. Im pretty sure the 909 shipped with a 9 round 39 series mag. It was the slim version of the 910 offered as a CCW piece if memory serves.

  2. Yep Smith and Wesson likes to do that. 411 was a 40 cal with 11 round mag as well.


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