07 December 2020

Could A Car Bomb Explain It?

Georgia governor Kemp chickens out and doesn't do a signature audit.

But what if his daughter's boyfriend was murdered by a car bomb?

What if the governor has a message telling him that he or his daughter is next if he keeps trying to verify that the election was conducted legally.

It's certainly more plausible than most of the JFK assassination theories.  <-- that is not an invitation to expound on anything Kennedy.


  1. So you're saying that it's the Kennedys that killed him?


    1. If'n I'd done it, I wouldn't have confessed (as you have) here. :P

  2. That would explain why Kemp is giving the Democrats what they want...
    Most people don't realize that this kind of thing happens in the US; unfortunately we are no longer politically above it


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