12 December 2020


I've been reading about "national divorce" and breaking the USA into three or more, smaller, nations.

A huge concern that comes up again and again in these speculations is the loss of America's position as a global superpower.

They are hinting at the concerns that China will rise to replace us.

I think they're forgetting that we're paying for what power China has now.  If we break up, and cannot maintain our global power, that also means we won't be able to afford to keep China powered up either.

I am not certain the downsides of no longer being the world's police and disaster relief force counter the benefits of not needing to worry about it.

This is coupled with the hilarious idea of watching people from New York having to get visas to come to Florida and having to pass immigration control and get citizenship to vote here.


  1. A good point, especially as Australia and Europe are disengaging from China.
    Don't forget that China is a powderkeg kept in line with LOTS of internal security and bribes from overseas money (ours!). One of many reasons that they lie about their statistics is that is they reported how things were actually going, the bubble would burst and quite possibly take the country down with it... Most people don't realize how rare in history it is for China to be unified.

  2. Being in FLA, you'd have the opportunity to witness the potential lethality in the severed head of a rattlesnake. In the proposed scenario, the former-USA would no longer have the capacity to provide the economic might of China. Yet that might would still exist for some amount of time. I am not willing to bet that as my country (U.S.) becomes diminished that the severed head (China) would not strike. Further, is it then proposed that the several parts of the former-USA would then unify in common defense for that period time until the head is actually dead? After all, it seems the epitome of foolishness to think a officially dissolved country would yet hold a capable means of defense. That is rather Orwellian; 'our strength is found in diminished capacity'. President Trump has dealt severe economic blows to China. For shame that Wall St. and the Chamber of Commerce oppose him so strenuously. And that calls to question how will those entities be dealt with in any proposed breakup of the U.S.?

    I do like the idea of passports required to move or even visit from commie states to *more free* states. I say that as one residing in CA for most of the past 40+ years.

    1. There's a lot of military strength in the central Red nation should the NE and Pacific break off. Including the home towns of virtually all of the serving troops. Well, a disproportionate percentage of volunteers from from the Redlands. Our Navy would suck for a while with just the one shipyard... But we have most of Boeing's production lines.

      Wallstreet is operating on the quick-buck model. Telling China to piss up a rope is not a short term strategy, but a long term one. Wallstreet can't seem to contemplate something which takes decades to pay off or a business which makes steady sales eternally.

      IIRC there's even rules that demand a business be constantly expanding or their stock will be delisted.


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