23 March 2021

A Letter To Senator Rick Scott

 I am certain that the party on the other side of the aisle will attempt to not let the crisis of the Boulder, Colorado shooting go to waste.

They will attempt, again, to punish the innocent and further restrict the everyday citizen's ability to obtain, own and carry a firearm.

I think it's especially important to write to you about this because, as Governor, you caved to this attitude and signed a bill into law which punished the innocent and further restricted the everyday citizen's ability to obtain, own and carry a firearm after Parkland.

I didn't want that when you were Governor, and I don't want it now that you're a Senator.

First and foremost, I did nothing wrong.  I murdered no one.  My firearms came nowhere near the site of the murders.  How will punishing me help?

Secondly, the shooter was forbidden to possess a firearm due to their being a felon.  By federal law they aren't allowed to purchase, own or possess a firearm; regardless of type.  It doesn't matter if it was a single shot shotgun or a rifle with every feature known to cause dehydration from pants wetting in the media.  Yet that law was broken and someone who was forbidden to have a gun got one anyway.

I think I'm more interested in seeing where he got that gun and if the person selling it knew he was a felon.

I'd be fascinated to learn how he obtained this firearm without undergoing the background check that Colorado mandates by law.  I want to know why both he and the seller ignored this law.

There, now you have someone who actually did something to punish and without even passing any new laws!

But there's something that's very important about several of these mass shootings that extremely alarming if we start banning the firearms which are most useful to a citizen who needs them.

The amount of time that the citizen is on their own while the police dawdle at the perimeter of the crime while the criminal is slaughtering the innocent.

In Boulder it was more than 50 minutes from the first shot to the suspect being brought out in handcuffs.  It was ten minutes from the first shot before police arrived on scene.  It was another 40 minutes before the police entered the supermarket to subdue the suspect.

Without the means to defend ourselves until the police arrive, we're at the non-existent mercy of those who would commit evil upon us.

You should be familiar with both the Pulse Nightclub shooting and Parkland because they happened in our state.  In addition to the police dithering outside, these were places where the law-abiding were prohibited from possessing a means to defend themselves.

It's counterintuitive, but the solution isn't more restrictions on the types of firearms allowed the citizen, but fewer restrictions.  Fewer restrictions also has the benefit of being in accord with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It's been said by people smarter than me that, given the gigantic number of firearms and huge population of owners, if the weapons that Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer most wish to ban were a problem; not even the most ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment would be able to deny it.

But these guns and their owners are not a problem, despite a well organized attempt to make these rare occurrences seem commonplace.  They are not!  It's their very rarity which make them stand prominently in the public eye.

Don't fall for the propaganda.


  1. A slightly altered version was also sent to Senator Marco Rubio.

    They're both kinda squishy on the topic and since silence is regarded as approval, I decided it was best to speak up.

  2. Hey Angus;

    I would love to send that kind of letter to my senators but both of them are donks, so they are beside themselves in bedwetting joy at the chance at gun control. I am disgusted.

    1. Write them anyways. They really do take silence as acceptance. There were once pro-gun Democrats, you never know what will bring them back.

    2. Hey Angus;

      I live in Georgia....so I have Warwick and Ossoff, the new senators that got their postings due to
      election fraud...they ain't gonna do shit for me. Or normally I would agree with you.

    3. Then write them to waste some of their staffer's time. Every moment they waste on your letter is a moment they can't do what their bosses want them to do.

  3. It's counterintuitive,

    Only because the mantra has been to limit the number of weapons on the street for decades.
    It's really blazingly obvious that the greater percentage of armed members of society the odds of a crazy having time to freely shoot people drops, because the average person IS a decent person. I know using statistics, following the Science isn't popular with some people when Guns is the topic, but we have Watched gun violence drop in places where reason and common sense have been used and the People have been rightly and reasonably allowed to enjoy their rights to self defense.
    It's only Counterintuitive to people like you wrote that letter to.
    And for people like that, you may be ahead by giving that ground.
    I'm not picking on your letter, I thought it was great. I just wanted to point out that it's really not counterintuitive, if we stop and think.
    How many times have we heard
    You don't want to add guns to the equation?
    If that's true
    Don't call the cops, right?

    I hope your letter is well received.
    Maybe if a couple of the currently dead victims had been able to defend themselves the bad guy would be dead and a few others be walking around.

  4. Thank you for a very well written letter. I hope you don't mind that I borrow it in an edited form to send to my own (worthless) Senators and Representative (I'm in Connecticut, need I say more?), with credit to you as the original author. If this is not OK please let us know, as I suspect other readers plan to do the same thing.


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