15 March 2021

Sky Ground Sky Ground Sky Ground Sky Ground Sky Ground

In the way back...

My dad and two of his buddies decided that they were going to form a drag racing team.

My dad contributed at Keith Black Hemi.

Lenny contributed at Lenco trans.

Robert contributed his Charger and hemi K-frame.

All was going well getting the car together until they noticed my dad was the thinnest one of the bunch and he wouldn't be fitting inside the roll-cage.

Slowly they turned... and looked at my skinny 16-year old self.

Angus can drive!

So I became a licensed NHRA driver.

I don't even remember what class we were in, but I do remember that it doesn't exist any more.

All was going swimmingly until one day at Brainard International Raceway.

The drag strip was the straight away of the road course, but running backwards from the road direction.

It was plenty long enough for even top fuel cars running in the fives.

It is NOT long enough for a steel body Charger running wide open with a stuck throttle and a kill switch that didn't kill the motor.

I knew there wasn't much gas in the car, so it would shut itself down not too far past the finish-line and shut-down area.  If only I could make the turn to the straight that led to the main.

I got the car turned... but I didn't change it's vector much as I went straight off the track sideways.

Sky-Ground-lather rinse repeat.


The cage and helmet did their jobs.

The engine and trans survived.  The Charger did not.

I was definitely sore for a while afterwards.

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