05 March 2021

The Real Problem

I'll say it.  This might get the blog nuked.

The problem with illegal immigration and refugees isn't that they're coming here.

The problem is they're not coming here to be or become Americans.

They're coming here to remain whatever culture or nationality they were back home.

They're forcing us to adapt to their ways rather than adapting and adopting ours.

There's a word for moving, en masse, to another place and forcing the current residents to conform to your nationality and culture.


Minneapolis is currently the biggest city in Somalia.

Miami is the largest city in Cuba.

Los Angeles is vying for the largest city of Mexico.

New Jersey, based on the license plates, appears to be the northernmost province of Puerto Rico.

It's not racist to want them to assimilate, it's nationalist.  Another dirty word, according to The Left.

The thing that pisses me off most about it is there's surely people lumped in these enclaves who desperately want to be Americans.

The situation as it stands has them being prevented from assimilating by both their fellow residents of the enclave and by the surrounding native community.

Did you know we've done this before?

New York used to be the largest city in both Ireland and Italy.

Minneapolis used to be the largest city in Sweden.

The process of assimilation is rough.  It means not letting the immigrant use their native ways to do much of anything except where those ways already coincide with the natives.

It makes the enclaves insufferable ghettos.  Places you don't want to live.  Shitty enough to learn how the natives do things.  Crummy enough to change your name so the racists among the natives don't pick up on your filthy WOP heritage.

However, if we're going to be playing the victim card.

Mom's side is Italian, Dad's side is Scots/English/Norwegian.  All four of these immigrant cultures suffered under the established Anglo-Germanic culture of the early 20th Century midwest.

I deserve substantial cash reparations and I want them now!

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