17 March 2021

Preliminary GURPS Stats

So far the stats for the Shield Plus are identical to the Shield except for the number of rounds and the magazine weights.

The overall weight is the same.

Shield is 1.5/0.3 with 7+1.  Shield Plus is 1.5/0.4 with 10+1.

Shield is 1.5/0.3 with 8+1.  Shield Plus is 1.6/0.5 with 13+1.

This should be clickable to make it more readable.

Except for not being on sale at an insane discount, there doesn't appear to be a downside to the upgrade.

MSRP is $553.  Most places on GunBroker are hovering in the $529 range, plus shipping and transfer.

Palmetto State Armory has it listed at $529 as well, but shows the normal price as $699.99; like they're really cutting you a deal.  They aren't.  It's little lies like that which serve to alienate the customers that notice.

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