28 March 2021

Only One '0' In $40

It's my own damn fault.

I was, for no good reason, looking at 2nd gen S&W pistols and saw a 659 running $22 with a penny start.

Knowing that would never stand I tried to enter a $40 bid, just for fun.

I double tapped the '0' and actually entered $400.

And confirmed the bid without reading, or paying any damn attention, that I'd done so.

To my surprise I was now the high bidder at $180!

Others have bid and now I am still the high bidder at $371.07.


If this bid rides I will need a grip screw.  Midway has the blued, but not the stainless it's supposed to have.

I think a nice set of rosewood or walnut stocks would look nice on the stainless.

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