08 March 2021

Important Safety Tip

If you don't MIX your mixed drink... you end up with layers of each ingredient.

Lesson learned.


  1. In a few cocktails that's the entire point. The Pousse Cafe, for example, is made of a series of different-colored liqueurs carefully layered one atop the other.

  2. Someone who both McThag and I know learned that the hard way. I bet he will be able to guess who. We used to buy Clear Spring Grain Alcohol (which is like Everclear except stronger... Yes, stronger, 195 proof) and Coca Cola in the 16 oz glass bottles. I would drink the cola down to the top of the label on the bottle then fill it back up with alcohol. Then I'd put my thumb over the mouth of the bottle and invert it to mix the contents before drinking. My friend, being a greedy person, and apparently abnormally thirsty that day, grabs the bottle out of my hand before I had a chance to mix it, and takes a big slug. Not good. 195 proof burns just a bit. Trust me on that. After he caught his breath, which took a bit... His comment was "smooth". Umm, yeah, not so much obviously. I couldn't stop laughing.


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