22 March 2021

I Think Hero Has Been Cheapened Enough

If it takes you 40 minutes after arrival to rally to make an assault against a single opponent WHILE LISTENING TO GUNFIRE FROM INSIDE you lose the right to claim the title "hero"!

Just like Parkland, you let people die so you wouldn't be exposed to danger.

It'd be a lot easier to back the blue if they'd start thinking about something besides their own selves every once and a while.

That's tarring them all with the same brush.

What I am complaining about appears to be the norm in Democrat controlled areas, like Boulder, Colorado, Broward County, Florida or Orlando, Florida.


It looks like there was one cop there whom 'hero' might apply.  Officer Talley appears to have run straight to the sound of the guns.

You don't have to succeed to be a hero, but you have to be brave.

1 comment:

  1. It boggles the mind that after Talley died running towards the sound of the guns none of his fellow others followed suit. If not for the citizens they swore to protect but for a fallen comrade.

    The guys in 3/108 might have done everything short of using mortars on the store if one us got killed.


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