27 March 2021

He Dead Must Be Black

Today in Pasco County, my Pasco County, deputies burst into the home of a man, minding his own business, stabbing his girlfriend to death and, for no apparent reason, shot him.

According to Tariq Nasheed that means the suspect must be black.

In truth, we don't know anything about the suspect at this time.  Odds are he's a white dude because that's the race of most of the people up that way.

The thing that stands out for me in this situation is the multiple witnesses who didn't intervene.  They'd best be prepared for charges for doing nothing while a forceable felony was happening right in front of them.


  1. To be fair, they were doing what they are told to do by all the big time Instructorati (TM) and Pundits; walking away. I am old enough to remember when Kitty Genovese's neighbors were considered cowards and scum rather than role models.
    Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

    1. Well, they didn't walk away. They continued to sit there in the house with the assailant and victim for quite a long time before one of them finally called 911.

  2. Can you clarify something for me?

    Are you saying that, in Pasco County, a non-LEO can be charged for DOING NOTHING at a crime scene?
    I offer the distinction because we all know of cases elsewhere where a LEO was NOT charged, or fired, for doing nothing in similar circumstances.

    I have seen reports of people being charged (and sued) over a well-intentioned good samaritan act gone wrong.
    I also see almost constant calls from law enforcement authorities for citizens to not get involved in stopping crime, but to call the police instead.

    What you seem to be suggesting is that those same citizens can be CHARGED for following that advice and not putting themselves at risk by getting involved.

    1. In everywhere you walk a fine line between being a mere witness and being an accessory.

      Standing there watching a forceable felony being committed and not even calling 911 puts you in the accessory category. A lot depends on the exact circumstances, which the witnesses will be free to explain.

      Personally, I like to think that I'd have shot the prick when he started stabbing her. And that would get me arrested too.

    2. That is EXACTLY the dilemma that I imagined.

      Get charged as an accessory for doing nothing, or get charged for assault (at a minimum) if I intervene.

      Yet, in some jurisdictions, I could imagine it being worse:

      Required to retreat if the bad guy is attacking me
      Charged as an accessory if I do nothing when the bad guy is attacking you.


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