08 March 2021

Go Go White Privledge!

Apparently Wal Mart is racist.

"Black" beauty products are locked up while "white" products aren't.

The KKK Grandjester (or whatever they're called) didn't call up Wal Mart and say, "You know how we can keep them CENSORED from getting uppity?  Lock up their hair care products and cosmetics and treat 'em like you don't trust 'em by making them pay for their stuff right there!"

I feel your pain Rachel.  That's exactly how I have to buy men's razors at Winn Dixie and ammo and electronics at Wal Mart.

It's not racism.

It's loss prevention.

The locked cases and special registers don't go in until extra control is needed because stock is leaving the store but money isn't staying.

So, in the case of hair care and cosmetics, maybe if someone wasn't stealing these things, they wouldn't be locked up.

And since you've identified the products as only being useful to black people, you've also identified the race of the thieves.  That makes you the racist, Rachel.

I know, you can't be because you're black, blah blah blah.

But, apparently, white people aren't stealing their hair care products, so they don't get treated like thieves.

Don't get me wrong, I've been treated like a thief at Wal Mart too, Rachel, every time the incompetent cashier failed to disable the security thing and the alarm went off at the door I had to prove I'd paid for the item.  I lost count of how many times that happened.

But notice something about this.  Did I blame systematic sexism, racism, ageism?


I blamed the person at fault.  The cashier for failing to disable that anti-theft device.

You might try it sometimes.

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