28 March 2021

Hard Drive Shuffle

The Mother-In-Law's dear, beloved, Gateway NV57H bit the big one.

We're sad because we bought it new and it's served honorably.

It's actually died before.  The keyboard had become unreliable and the batter was flat dead.

We sent her a Lenovo T410 because they were 1,600 miles away and it wasn't very simple to do the parts swaps.

When they moved down, the T410 started to act wonky, so I fixed up the Gateway.

Friday it started doing an uncommanded down-arrow.

"New keyboard!" says I.

New keyboard did not fix the problem.

Happily we had a T420 we bought as a back-up machine.

With JT's generous help I swapped the old drive off the T410 (because it was 500gb SSD as opposed to a 320gb WD Blue) and she's up and running.

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