11 March 2021

Gotta Write The Local Creatures Too

Congress is in session and everyone's rights are on the line, again.

It seems we do this every year.

I would like you to throw your support behind the following bills.

HB 123

HB 213

HB 1205

HB 6001

HB 6005


HB 6083

I would like you to oppose:

HB 25

HB 27

HB 167

SB 294

SB 330

SB 370

SB 372

SB 428

HB 555

SB 560

SB 672

SB 1052

HB 6033


HB 6035


  1. Do you mean "Local" as in State senators/representatives or as in your Federal senators/representatives?

    I'm guessing the first one.


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