28 March 2021

YOUR God, YOUR Religion

Ace of Spades has a post complaining about the loss of meaning in Christian and Jewish traditions.


Except I don't believe in your imaginary friend.

Even if He were real I'd reject Him because He demands you be a happy slave to Him.  Never mind the sanctimonious pricks I'd have to share Heaven with if I repented and became a happy slave to God...

Should my lack of belief matter to someone who does have Faith and believes?


Their belief does not require my approval, nor does my lack of faith demand theirs.

Where I object to this screed is the implicit blame is on people outside his faith for the loss of meaning in the Christian and Jewish traditions.

Why is y'all's lack of faith someone else's fault?

Losing your faith is on you.  I've read your book.

You want those traditions to mean something, they have to mean something to YOU and it doesn't matter what they mean to anyone else.

If others participating in a watered down version of your tradition dilutes the meaning to you, it's your fault not theirs.  Deal with it.

If only you had a tome of guiding principles and people who dedicate their lives to helping you find Faith and remain faithful... Oh, wait.

But if you're going to drag Christmas and Easter into it and bitch about how others ruined the traditions of the religion...  Christianity stole and rebranded those holy days from the Pagans they were trying to convert as a marketing deal.

1 comment:

  1. I agree. I happen (that is, I choose) to be a Christian, but the state of the religion I believe is nobody's problem but ours. Faith, or the absence of it, is very much an individual matter.
    --Tennessee Budd


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