11 March 2021

I Don't Think That's What They Meant

An old adage is you should spend as much (or more) on your scope as you did on your rifle.

I have $50 scopes that adhere to this principle.

I think I'm doing this wrong.


  1. Ad always, it's something that gets tortured and turned into a near dogma by gun culture autists.

    Some rifles of mine have glass that cost more than the gun.

    Some rifles have $125 dollar scratch and dent specials that serve pretty well

  2. Maybe the old adage fits old times. I purchased my 1st deer rifle (Remington 600 Mohawk in .308 Winchester) for $75.00 on close-out in 1976. A Tasco 4x heavy plex scope for $30 and the gun smith threw in the Weaver mounts for free. About $120 all told with taxes.

    But this was way back when. That same bolt gun goes for about 10x the cost NIB, used for half that.

    That old Tasco was moved later to a 10/22 and its still holding zero just fine for brush bunnies.



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