13 March 2021

On The Recommendation Of Technomad

 Technomad recommended this book and thanks to someone not noticing that it should be by William Foster-Harris instead of just Foster-Harris it wasn't even expensive.

Adding his first name to the search gets a paperback for the same price, not a vintage hardcover.

I am a bit saddened to find that it's got stamping and embossing from a public library in it.

That means that it won't be available to someone to check-out.

While it works in my favor for owning it, I am bothered at how many of the specialty books I've bought are from defunct libraries.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much, in fact I would say that because you have it some 'woke librarian' won't be able to 'weed' it into a trash can.

  2. I'm glad to see that you like it! I have a lot of ex-library books in my collection, some of them very new-seeming. I often wonder why they were "de-accessioned," but have never been able to get a coherent answer on that point.


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