14 March 2021


The very first gun I conceal carried was an FIE Titan .25.

Because Story County, Iowa didn't issue carry permits to unwashed poors, I carried it illegally.  I sold it for a pittance when I started carrying a Glock 21 illegally in the flight-helmet bag I toted my gaming stuff in.

Considering how rare this grip and finish proved to be, I occasionally wonder if this is actually the same pistol I used to own.  Even the little discoloration on the stocks are the same.

.25's are handy because they are tiny.

Much later, when I could carry legally I still packed a .25 because the summer setting in Florida is "melt lead".

You could practically carry it in a watch pocket.

I don't tote these light guns any more.

9mm's are much larger, but lately they've shrunk down to where they're comfortable, even in the Hellish summer heat of The Gunshine State.

When I can't use the back yard to smelt lead, I prefer a shoulder holster under an Hawaiian shirt.  You can carry anything that way.  It also works better in a car, especially one with a tight interior like The Precious!


  1. You got me thinking about a shoulder holster for the 19-what do you like?
    I carried w 1911 in a Galco rig for years, ages ago-is there anything new and cool that has happened with shoulder rigs in the past 20 years?

    1. I use a Galco Miami Classic with my M&P 45C and used a Miami Classic II with my 1911s.

      Because they work well for me, I didn't bother keeping up with new developments. Galco does have something like the Miami Classic in rough and soft floppy leather, but I'd skip it.

      If I were to switch to packing my Glock 45, I'd prolly get a Miami Classic for it. That's the same holster as the 19, coincidentally enough.


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