30 March 2021

Overheard At Special Olympics

"Volunteering" for Special Olympics gets you community service credits for high school.

A friend's daughter reports listening to her fellow students raging and saying, "White Power ain't never seen no Black Power!"

I just want to give you the complete list of black victories over "white power".

1. Isandlwana.

2. ...

Thus concludes the list.

Talking to her about this a bit more and she had more detail about what they thought would win the day for blacks.

It amounts to riots, handguns and blunt instruments.

Well, allow me to sing the song of my people.

Rifles and artillery.

Pushed far enough and given sufficient belief that the ground cannot be retaken....

Go for it, I says.


  1. It's one of the sad things about 2020 that BLM and pAntifa weren't met with volley lines.

    No. Not kidding.

    I do support peacefully protesting.

    Peacefully protesting does not include rioting, looting, mugging, shooting, murdering, attacking people with intent to commit bodily harm. How soon do you think the laser-in-the-eyes would have continued if some copper-jacketed lead would have been the answer?

    And your list of stunning achievements by people who never invented the wheel is amazingly true.

  2. The fall of Khartoum to the Mahdi army might count.
    The end of Rhodesia and the other European colonies could probably count as a strategic victories without any tactical ones.


    1. I removed from consideration where an outside power is why they won.

      Rhodesia is China and Russia vs Rhodesia with the commies getting a surprise assist from the US.

    2. I'd have to say the Haitian Revolution (where they threw out the French) would count. Of course the French were outnumbered hundreds to one, and had a lot of other things on their plate at the time between the Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

    3. Beating the French never counts.

  3. Given that blacks are outnumbered something like 8-to-1 and have no as in N-O allies (Hispanics and Asians and "Native Americans" generally despise them) I'd think that they'd figure out that starting a fight is a bad idea.

  4. Sing it with me boys; "Beneath the starry flag, civilize 'em with a Krag, and return us to our beloved homes."

  5. Kids brought up with the "We were kings" And Wakanda is real BS. Fact is Sub-Saharan Africa is Sub-Saharan Africa because it's full of Sub-Saharan Africans. Watch "Empire of Dust"


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