15 March 2021

All .45 ACP All The Time

I have carried each of these over the years.

The Glock 21 was the first "real" pistol I ever carried concealed.  It sat in one of the inside pockets of my flight-helmet bag when I went to gaming.  Double plus illegal because no permit and gun-free-zone Iowa State University.

This was also carried in an Uncle Mike's Sidekick vertical shoulder holster.  That was a difficult to adjust and uncomfortable X style holster that absolutely sucked.  But I persisted because... didn't know any better.

Later, when I'd moved to Florida and gotten my CCW, I bought a Galco Summer Comfort holster and discovered what a gigantic pic the Glock 21 was.

Next was a Springfield 1911 A1 USGI (not pictured here) in a Ross... I don't know what model holster it is.  They don't make it any more.

The Springfield was moved to a Galco Miami Classic II rig and I started carrying spare ammo.

The M&P 45C has been carried both in my Vette Kustom holster and a Galco Miami Classic.

All in all The Precious and my expansive gut have killed the idea of carrying inside waistband, regardless of placement.  Cross-draw still works, but it's not near as comfortable as a shoulder rig.

Wearing clothes baggy enough to cover IWB, for me, means I'm wearing enough to cover a shoulder holster anyways...

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