22 March 2021

Media Says Firearms Ownership Protected By 1st Amendment!

"Second Amendment absolutism and what can only be described as a religion of gun ownership," Ed Kilgore.


We're a religion now!

That means our practices are covered by the 1st Amendment, our places of worship are now exempt from paying taxes and our speech can no longer be censored or suppressed!


  1. I say firearms ownership is protected by Citizen Patriots willing to engage confiscation goons sent by tyrants at Zero-Dark-Thirty.

  2. That's the old America you're thinking of; the Constitutional Republic, not the current Democratic Socialist "Republic" of America. The old America had freedom of religion while the new DSRA has freedom of worship. It's OK to say what you want while you're in church but you can't do anything your church advocates outside of the building.

  3. I've taken communion, been baptized and the scent of cordite is a spiritual experience, so I am clearly a member of
    The Church.


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