08 March 2021

Not For Me

It's almost as if nobody has ever sat down and explained it to them.

If you don't make a product I want to buy, you're not going to be selling it to me.

I realized, not that long ago, that Hollywood is no longer making films for me.

They're making films for someone else for the most part.

Even worse, for their long term prospects, while making these films for other-markets-than-mine they appear to be Hell bent on alienating me with them.

I'm OK without them.

Will they be OK without me?

I increasingly don't care.

I've also realized I have a pile of unwatched stuff here that will take years to wade through.  Those films and shows are competing with a pile of unread books for my time.

I might even have enough to keep me entertained until I croak.

On average that's 20 more years in my family.

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