24 March 2021

It's Supposed To You Moron

Several Florida counties contend that, "the threatened penalties [of violating the state pre-emption on firearms laws] have had a "chilling effect" on their ability to approve ordinances aimed at reducing gun violence." LINK

Well, you simpletons, the 1987 law, with no penalties for county and city officials breaking it, didn't slow you assholes down a bit; so we voters got our elected officials to put some teeth in that law.

You're essentially complaining that you will be affected by breaking the law.

You know who else says that?


1 comment:

  1. Funny how it is that they use laws against us and tell us to 'get over it' but when we use laws against them, well, we're wrong and holding their hands and being mean and such.

    Living in Gainesville (yes, I should have gotten out when I had a chance) I am used to the Californication of Florida law.

    Like when the Governor told our Sheriff that if she didn't start playing nice with ICE, he'd turn her into the next Scott Israel.


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