11 March 2021

HR 8 and HR 1446 Have Passed The House

I'm written to my squishy senators, Rubio and Scott.

As a law abiding citizen of Florida I am, once again, being confronted with bills which seek to punish me for actions I have not taken.

Bills which will punish me but not hinder any criminal in any way.

That alone should be enough to secure your vote against these bills passed by The House.

I also ask you to consider what other enumerated right is subjected to the same level of legal obstruction as firearms.

Does one need to pass a background check to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects?

Does one need to obtain a permit to worship as they wish or are some religions banned for being too influential?

Does a felony conviction deny the right to a speedy trial?

Yet owning a gun is already encumbered with all of those things.

Would you support a law which required all Catholics (for example) to pass a background check before being allowed to attend mass?  Would you be assured that the record of this check would not be retained by the government and later used to find Catholics?  Especially when the people who wrote the bill under consideration have a stated goal of banning Catholics?

Do you understand the analogy?  You can change Catholic for any other religion, or ethnicity, or group.

I should not even have to write to you and explain it.  The right to own a firearm was supposed to have been guaranteed by The Bill of Rights in the same way that all of my other rights are secure.  Yet only violations of this one right continually get consideration from Congress.

Stand up for the rights of the citizens of Florida!

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