14 March 2021

Genuine Gimp

Some Karen gets what she deserves.

I tend to not be directly confrontational about the handicapped spots, even though I do have the mirror-hanger.

There's an online, and tedious to fill out on the phone, form to report people in Florida.  I use that one a lot.

There's a gym next door to a brewery we frequent often where the gym-rats park in the striped area that's supposed to provide room for a van ramp.

You'd think that someone going to a fucking gym would be healthy enough to walk a bit, wouldn't you?

The most fun is 6 out of 10 times it's been a really expensive car too.

I take pics.

Normally I hear nothing back.

What happens is, the DMV mails a violation to the owner of the car.  They can either pay the fine, show they have handicapped credentials or fight it.

Twice I have gotten a phone call from DMV asking me to confirm what I saw, I ask for an email to send the picture to.  They've provided one and I've sent the pic I took.

I've note heard anything more.

In two other cases, I've heard one of them bitching that his other car got busted for parking there... just after I had reported the current car in the same place.

Jocks be stupid, no?

I've also been confronted by people who seem to think that just because I drive a Corvette I can't possibly be handicapped.  Unlike the man in the story, I have both legs.  They're in bad shape, but still present.  Normally the cane gets them to clam up.

If they persist, I make them aware of the web page and remind them to get a good pic of my license plate and the parking space.


  1. I do the driving for my wife. We've gotten sh...tuff from people for parking in a handicapped spot with a hanger because I ambulate well. One Karen/MaleKaren combo kept yacking and poking the badger while I was unloading the manual ramp and rolling her electric chair out the back and didn't shut up until we tootled out of their range.

    So, yeah, know what you mean.

    And, no, I don't park in a spot if she's not in the car or if I'm just running in to grab something if she's staying in the car. Unlike a whole lotta people in this messed up town I live in.

    Though what really annoys me is the pain/back doctor office complex that has like 4 Handicapped parking spaces. For a practice where about a quarter of the patients are very handicapped physically. At least they have a coach porch for loading and unloading, though some people think it's for parking under because they're special or something (no, not parking to load and unload, more like parking, getting out, going in with their sample case and schmoozing the docs...)

  2. Good job.

    A friend of mine would easily qualify for a handicapped placard, but refuses to do so. He walks, and generally refuses help.

    1. I had a buddy who was a 'Nam vet who'd lost both legs at the knees. He was in a wheelchair and refused to use the handicapped spots. In fact he'd park as far from the store as he could.

      "It's not like I have to walk it, is it?"

      Not sure what happened to him. He wasn't living where I'd left him when I got out of the Army.


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