02 March 2021

Common Sticking

There's a debate about which bayonet you should get for your AR.

Of course the answer is all of them.

The M7 served until replaced by the M9, sometime in the mid to late 80's.  The M9 soldiers on with the Army.

The Marines made due with the M7 until the late 90's and replaced it with the OKC 3S.

But if you have 3 AR's you need three bayonets.  If you have three bayonets, you need three AR's!

Even if it's a useless combat item, it scares the gun grabbers.  Make sure you have a bayonet lug on all your scary black rifles.


  1. All my rifles that CAN mount bayonets HAS a bayonet. Never heard of a bayonet shortage ... have you?

    1. Neither my Kiv.28/30 nor my Kiv.39 has a bayonet. There's definitely a dearth of Finnish Mosin bayonets out there.

      For a while it was nearly impossible to find an M6 for an M14.

      For a little bit M7 bayonets were getting expensive like they were running out.

      Certain kinds of G3 bayonets are very hard to find, others as common as dirt.


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